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    Our Local Pressure Washing Team can get your property cleaned in no time. We are your Local Professional Pressure Washing company, that provides a superb service at a fair price. We are very experienced and have many years of cleaning Driveways, Gutters, Residential & Commercial properties in the North Shields Area. We are North Shields Local Pressure Washing Specialists.

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  • Pressure Washing North Shields

    When was the last time you cleaned your home's exterior? If your house is looking dingy and in need of a good clean after the winter weather, you could try to do it yourself, but if you want the best clean at a great price, with none of the hassle of renting equipment and doing it yourself, get in touch with us at North Shields Pressure Washing and let them help you get this chore taken care of quickly, easy and professionally. North Shields Pressure Washing is how we can help you.

    We offer the following Local Pressure Washing Services :-

    Home Exterior Cleaning

    You will be amazed at the difference a Pressure Wash clean makes. Your home will look as good as new after a professional Power Washing from North Shields Pressure Washing . Maybe you have been thinking that your house needs a fresh coat of paint? You might change your mind when you see the results of a thorough cleaning service.

    After a long winter, your home's exterior has taken a battering. Your patios, walkways, and windows all suffer. It is easy to forget about the outside of your house when you are so busy given the inside of your house a thorough spring cleaning. With North Shields Pressure Washing, you can freshen up your home's exterior and get rid of the buildup of dust, grime, mould and mildew.

    Cleaning your house's exterior on a regular basis will extend its life while adding curb appeal and value. North Shields Pressure Washing will inspect and clean your home's exterior thoroughly, so your windows, gutters, deck and driveway will always be looking their best.

    Pressure and Power Washing

    The easiest and most affordable way to refresh your deck or driveway is getting it professionally power washed. Our team uses the latest technology to clean your home's exterior: check out our gallery for images of the process.

    We do not use harmful chemicals in any of our power washing services, so you don't have to worry about kids, pets, or gardens. All our products are eco-friendly and provide great results.

    You can book an appointment with us online or via phone. Our technicians can explain the entire process to you, and their expertise will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. They will do everything it takes to prepare your home's exterior for cleaning, including moving any furniture to ensure a thorough washing.

    Residential Pressure Washing

    Your home is your biggest investment, and you want to keep it looking great. Our residential power washing service will help you ensure that your house looks its best. Our professional power washing service will remove damaging mould and mildew from the exterior of your house, extending its lifespan and maintaining an appearance that you can be proud of. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that we use the right techniques and cleaners for your home.

    Our residential power washing services includes the following:

    Deck Washing
    Our technicians will remove accumulated dirt and dust, as well as clean up stains from spills, mildew and mould that can be harder to remove. Your deck will look better than ever after our thorough cleaning.

    Roof Cleaning
    We do not use any strong chemicals that can damage building materials or outdoor furniture. Our roof cleaning services are no exception. We can freshen up your roof with a cleaning that will get rid of any black algae that can erode shingles, as well as getting rid of the accumulated dirt and debris.

    Paver Restoration
    We will refresh your walkways by removing weeds, algae and old sand, and refilling all the joints between your pavers with polymeric jointing sand. This type of sand will firmly hold your pavers in place and prevent weeds from growing back for a longer period of time. We will also apply a high-quality sealant that will prevent algae from growing back and maintaining the appearance of your walkway.

    House Washing
    We use just enough, but not too much pressure, and well-formulated detergents, to clean the entire exterior of your house. Your house will look like new, giving it a facelift without a touch of paint.

    pressure washing middlesbrough

    Concrete Sealing And Cleaning
    We can also clean concrete driveways and walkways, restoring it to its original appearance. After a thorough cleaning, we will apply a sealant in order to keep your concrete protected and looking like new for longer, as well as preventing cracks, crumbling or pitting.

    North Shields Pressure Washing can do much more than this as well. If you have other specific needs, get in touch with our specialists and let us know how we can assist you with your power and pressure washing needs. Here are some of the other services we offer:

    Playground Sanitation and Equipment Cleaning
    Freshen up your playground equipment, removing mildew and grime from slides, swing sets, monkey bars, and other playground equipment. The playground will be ready for use shortly after our thorough cleaning.

    Gutter Cleaning
    Gutters full of debris and stagnant water can lead to costly repairs. We can clean your gutters thoroughly so that you can avoid expensive water damage in the future.

    Deck Staining
    If a thorough washing isn't quite enough, we can also re-stain your deck. Worn stain can lead to rot and premature ageing. We can apply a fresh coat of stain to refresh your deck and keep it protected from damage.

    Commercial Pressure Washing in North Shields

    At North Shields Pressure Washing , we know that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. It is important to keep your storefront or other commercial property well-maintained and looking great. Customers will be happy to walk through the door and your employees will feel good about their workplace.

    We have years of commercial power washing experience, and our team knows just how to get any commercial property looking great.

    Some of our commercial building cleaning services include:

    Loading Dock Cleaning
    Keeping your loading dock clean isn't just about looks: it is also about making sure that it's a safe and comfortable workplace. We will remove grime, accumulated debris, and dirt, making sure that everything is clean and functional.

    Building Exterior Washing
    We do not use harmful chemicals or inappropriate materials to remove mildew and dirt. Our exterior building washing services will leave you with a pristine building that showcases your professionalism and quality.

    Sidewalk Washing
    North Shields Pressure Washing can freshen up your sidewalk, removing grime, stains, gum, and other unsightly debris and elemental damage.

    Rust Stain Removal
    Rust causes unsightly stains that can give a building a rundown appearance. Don't accept those stains as inevitable: we can remove rust stains, including on vinyl surfaces and masonry. Your building will look like new.

    For more details about our commercial power washing services, or if you have any additional questions, please give us a call at North Shields Pressure Washing. Our customer support team will be happy to answer any questions and help you figure out the best option for your building.

    Window Washing Services

    Our professional window washing service will leave you with clean and shiny glass. We will clean your panel windows, storm windows, skylights, and French doors.

    We are proud to use the latest water purification technology, ensuring that your windows will be spot-free and streak-free.

    Moss Removal Services

    Green fuzzy patches on your home's exterior are not pleasant to look at, and can also lead to damage. Our trained technicians know how to remove moss in an effective and safe manner from a variety of surfaces, including concrete, roofs and more.

    We will increase your home's curb appeal and brighten up your property. You will have a beautiful home and increase the lifespan of your roofing materials, concrete, siding, and anywhere else that has begun to grow moss.

    The North Shields Pressure Washing Advantage

    You may think that you can handle power washing your home on your own, but there are a lot of complex factors to consider, not to mention your valuable time. Our professionals know all the techniques to deal with a variety of issues. So leave the job to the experts.

    There are many benefits of a professional power washing for your home. When you trust the North Shields Pressure Washing team, you don't have to worry about environmental concerns. We are using eco-friendly materials and technology for all house detailing services.

    We also conduct annual maintenance programs for your peace of mind. All you need to do is sign up for this program. Get in touch with us for more information or if you have any questions, and let us help you keep your home looking its best.

    Roof Cleaning

    Algae and dark streaks appear on your roof because there is no sufficient natural light coming into these areas. Some homeowners make a mistake of thinking it is caused by weathering and thus, they should replace their roofs. The truth is that it only takes a thorough cleaning that should be done by professionals as they use wash pressure for amazing results.​

    However, the selection process of finding companies that power wash homes can be confusing. If so, here is the guide for your reference.

    A Simple Guide on Roof Cleaning Services

    Probably, you are one of the confused homeowners when it comes to finding information about different roof cleaning services. This short guide will assist you in making well-informed decisions and practical choices when looking for a contractor.

    There are three roof cleaning methods that various contractors use. The type of roof cleaning method that a company use will tell if it is what you are looking for.

    1. Low-pressure, eco-friendly and non-bleach roof cleaning – The cleaning company that uses this method has high-grade nature-friendly products which do not contain some of the toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals can be phosphates and chlorine-bleach. These chemicals are harmful enough to pollute waterways and kill vegetation.

    Furthermore, it is the method that uses a rinsing system on low pressure. It avoids using harmful high-pressure brushing and scrubbing. The main advantage of this method is that results are complete and instant. But unfortunately, this eco-friendly roof cleaning method is a bit costly than other chemical mixtures.

    2. Chlorine-bleach – In this method, roof cleaning services use chlorine bleach (or sodium hypochlorite) to combine with other high-concentration chemicals like TSP or trisodium phosphate.

    The technicians will simply spray this mixture on your roof. Wait until it is dry and re-apply another coat for many times as required. The main advantage of this bleach method is that it is more affordable than the rest of the methods. It is due to the fact that the chemicals used are inexpensive.

    On the other hand, the disadvantage of this method is that it may cause instant spreading of the strong chemical odour. However, the result may not be instant. It would mean waiting for a few days. It can be so tough especially when lichen colonies and moss are involved.

    It is also possible that pets and other people will get harmed once they are exposed to fluids or fumes. The bleaching effects on landscapes can pose damaging threats to grass, shrubs, plants, and trees.​

    3. High-pressure Power Washing – This method is used by most roof cleaning firms to remove stubborn dirt and stain. There is a myriad of benefits in using power wash systems. To give one, it can expand the life of the entire building or structure.

    On the other hand, it is important to choose the right cleaning company. Make sure that it is professional and experienced to prevent accidents, injuries, and damages on your properties.

    You can save money on cleaning your roof shingles if you contact the right people to do the job. Contact the Team at North Shields Pressure Washing for enquiries regarding pressure washing systems, home wash, and even commercial pressure washing services. You may also ask for pressure washing estimate or power wash house price and they will provide the details you need.

    Driveway Cleaning

    It is time to bid goodbye to your driveway dirt and stains and say hello to instant curb appeal. Finally, there is a solution for each unsightly mess that covers your front entrance. But before contacting a driveway cleaning service provider, you need to know the potential benefits of a professional cleaning company than doing the job alone.

    Why Hire A Professional Cleaning Service for Your Driveway?

    In your home, the most used part yet the most ignored one is the driveway. It accumulates engine oil spot, dust and dirt that also attract other harmful elements from different sources. If you are not confident with your cleaning ability, just entrust the job to an expert and a professional driveway cleaning service.

    There are many reasons why hiring a registered and certified cleaning company. These are:

    Safety – How does a professional driveway cleaning company play a significant role for you and your property’s safety? In thorough and efficient cleaning, you need water and electricity which is a deadly combination. To prevent major accidents, you should be protected while performing the water blasting treatment. If you cannot assure this, it is advised to consult a driveway cleaning service provider which has acquired the necessary training and knowledge.

    Non-Chemical Agents - If you explore the stores, you will find out a lot of brands of chemicals used to pry away stubborn stains, mould, mildew and rust from your driveway. These chemicals seep into the ground and cause harm to your surrounding area. Most professional cleaners use non-chemical agents or eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your driveway. They also use de-ionised water to blast away dirt and stains in the driveway surface.

    Time-Saving - It takes several hours to clean the driveway through water blasting and even power washing methods. It requires correct mixing of chemicals to clean the driveway successfully. An expert cleaning company can bring the most appropriate equipment and complete the task in a short period. Thus, you do not have to spend so much time waiting for your driveway to be ready for use again.

    Water Efficiency - If you clean the driveway yourself, the tendency is that you waste a lot of water during the process. Using cold water will only waste so much of your money, time and effort. In the end, you will not see the desired results. With the help of a reputed and experienced driveway cleaning firm, you are sure enough that it recognises the perfect combination of water temperature and chemicals to bring back the original glory of your driveway.

    In the first place, you will think that cleaning your own driveway is an easy, time-saving and cheap solution. But the truth is that it requires a lot of energy, planning, preparation, proper cleaning products and appropriate equipment to achieve safety and satisfaction.​

    Contact North Shields Pressure Washing for your driveway cleaning service needs. Book an appointment right away to get the best service. For inquiries, quotes, and additional information, you can Call Us On 0191 743 0121.

    Concrete Pressure Washing

    For most homeowners and commercial building owners, cleaning their properties is a time-consuming and tiring chore. Well, it is true if they do not know how to manage their facilities especially the large surface exteriors.​

    If you really want to save time, money and energy, you need to find a professional commercial pressure cleaner or a residential power washing service. Find out how it can help you with this problem.

    The Cost of Pressure Washer Service

    If you want to know the estimated cost of residential power washing for concrete, you can check your chosen contractor to the best price pressure washer in the city. Ask if they also provide instant quotes for free and if they do, then you are on the right company.​

    In computing the total price for this service, some sites or power washing services will ask for some details. These may include effort, supplies, equipment, type of cleaning products to use, area to be cleaned, and type of labor (unlicensed, bonded, unbonded, insured, licensed, etc.). Lastly, enter your zip code.

    Why Power Wash Concrete?

    Concrete cleaning is a daunting task. There are several cleaning methods you can use, but home power washer is the best one. Whether you want to clean your commercial building or just the driveway, concrete power washer gives you primary benefits.

    These are the following:

    1. Protects and Restores Your Property.

    Pressure cleaning services are the most practical way to give your concrete a makeover. Since they are performed by professionals, they can assure to restore the concrete into its original appearance and give it a fresh look.

    High pressure cleaner seals the concrete, thus, providing strong protection in the years to come. Grime and dirt can cause severe damages over time. However, choosing the best residential pressure washers or commercial pressure cleaner will prevent damage and restore the concrete’s natural appearance.

    2. Safe Cleaning Process

    Since the best cleaning ability comes from a pressure washer house cleaner, you do not have to look for any harsh chemicals. In fact, it can be done with water alone. But a commercial pressure washing business may use eco-friendly and safe products mixed with the water and washer. These biodegradable cleaners are safe for people, plants and animals.

    3. Prompt and Effective Service

    Pressure washers allow thorough and quick cleaning of your home exterior, driveway, deck, patios and concrete. Some cleaning methods do not provide the same level of effectiveness and speed that the best home power washer offers.

    Each time you clean the concrete on a large surface, expect that you will consume so much of your time when you use other cleaning methods. But with a superior pressure washer, you get the job done quickly and properly.

    ​These are the three main reasons to choose the best pressure cleaning companies near your place. As you work with them, you will realise more benefits. When it comes to cleaning the concrete, find the most trusted professional in North Shields. Please do not hesitate to contact the best team of North Shields Pressure Washing. Get an instant quote for free and get an idea of the pressure washing rates available.

    Residential Power Washing

    You know that your house needs power washing to restore its original look and extend its life expectancy. The problem is that you do not know where to find the most trustworthy residential power washing company.

    Nowadays, it is so easy to find a service provider for your power washing needs. The question is “how can you tell that you made the right choice?” With this guide, you can save time and lower the risk of falling into the wrong hands when it comes to finding a professional cleaning service for your residential property.

    Residential Application

    Find a residential power washing company that uses superb cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. When necessary, check if the company can choose detergents and use heated water to guarantee perfect clean.

    Below are the residential applications you can choose from:

    Paths –To clean the concrete driveways and asphalts, the professional cleaner uses a high-pressure surface washer.

    Garage floors – This involves removal of grime and post winter salt using a high-pressure surface washing equipment.

    Stone and pavers – To restore the original beauty, cleaning the stone and pavers also uses high-pressure cleaning.

    Other applications are exterior cleaning which uses pressure washing, ice dam removal using steam and high heat water, and pain prep which prepares the fences, home exterior and other surfaces before painting.

    The Leading Benefits of Hiring Professional Power Washing Service

    Consider the following reasons to allow professionals take charge of your hard work:

    Advanced Technology and Latest Equipment. Many believe that residential power washing needs more beyond a water source and a hose. With the presence of a professional servicing company, you get the advantage of advanced and modern equipment. It uses superior quality washing and cleaning products to clean your house efficiently and safely.

    No Damage Caused on Your Property. Most home maintenance projects risk the injury stems and damages from inexperienced service providers. But if they entrust the project with real professionals, they enjoy powerful and efficient service without damaging your home and causing injury.

    Less Environmental Impact. Power washing experts can access eco-friendly cleansers that can thoroughly clean your residential area without harming the environment.

    Residential North Shields Pressure Washing

    Many customers are amazed at how bright and new their houses and commercial buildings look like after the team North Shields Pressure Washing completes the job. This company has been offering professional washing and cleaning services to both commercial and residential clients.

    Whether you are searching for a house power washing service for your duplex, single-family residence or a townhouse, you know where to go. The team will be happy and excited to accommodate all your needs.

    Render Cleaning Services

    We know that keeping your facilities fresh and clean always requires a herculean effort. We know you want employees and visitor to mention beautiful and top notch your building looks. We know you want to have a joyful smile on your face when the beauty of your building attracts more customers to your company. We also know that the aesthetics of your building has a way of making extra profits for your company. That’s why we don’t want you to worry or feel embarrassed by your dirty and stained building; let us do all the planning and carry out your buildings render cleaning needs with no efforts required from you.

    Our highly skilled specialist render cleaning teams will transform your dirty, stained rendered facade into a wonderfully bright and clean looking building without re-painting the surfaces which would only cause long term damage to the rendered surface and will be very expensive to remove once applied.


    New buildings are certainly impressive but over time, rendering becomes dull and pollutants, moss and algae take over, leaving the building looking stained, tired and worse for wear. Weather, pollution and the environment can cause significant damage to the render on your building. Moss growth, algae and pollution can cause serious damage if left untreated. We specialise in safe and effective outdoor cleaning using the latest tools and techniques which gently remove dirt and build up without damaging the render underneath.

    Expertly restore your building with our skilled team of professionals, along with 100s of satisfied customers across the UK.

    Contact us for a free quotation; we’ll then discuss your requirements in more detail.


    When you need your buildings cladding cleaning and would like a free site survey followed by a fully written quotation, please call us now to arrange a site visit by one of our experienced surveyors.

    All types of metal or plastic cladding can be cleaned by the North Shields Pressure Washing cladding cleaning teams. We have cleaned more cladding than any other company in the UK. You are in safe hands as our accreditations include ISO9001 quality standards, CSCS, IPAF, CHAS and ALCUMUS, STONEHEALTH.

    Not only can we clean cladding on warehouses, distribution centres and factories, we can also restore any colour of cladding back to original condition using the 3 Step Cladding Restoration System. It is suitable for all types of faded and chalky to the touch plastisol type cladding. Aluminium and stainless steel cladding can also be restored using the same process.

    North Shields Pressure Washing are the most experienced cladding cleaning company in the UK. The owner of the business has been providing exterior building cleaning for more than 30 years. The company has a specialist fleet of vans complete with the latest exterior facade cleaning equipment ranging from pressure washers, Soft-Washing Equipment, Doff steam cleaners and a range of biodegradable chemicals and knowledge in how to remove most stubborn stains found on modern cladding. The cladding cleaning division of North Shields Pressure Washing has its own access platform to reach and clean high level cladding, and also uses experienced abseiling techniques whenever required. Our Irata rope access level 3 teams can clean cladding even on the highest of buildings.


    We have developed cladding cleaning services safe systems of working practices to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. Using the latest technology will ensure perfect warehouse cleaning results every time. Our industrial cladding cleaning teams often use the latest Soft Wash equipment and Soft Washing chemicals to ensure a smooth even clean.

    We will ensure that the cleaning of the cladding on your building lasts as long as possible and prevent costly replacement work. Regular cladding cleaning and maintenance of a building can have more of an impact than you think. Visitors and customers will leave with a better impression if your building looks presentable, clean and tidy as it is a reflection of how your business operates.

    You should have a scheduled cladding cleaning plan in place.

    There are a number of different types of cladding including aluminium, plastic UPVC, stainless steel, glass and more, all of which need approaching carefully to ensure that they are cleaned properly but without causing damage to the surface. Poorly trained cleaning staff and incorrect techniques can cause more problems to the building, resulting in costly replacement or repair work. Warehouse cleaning should be included in your planned maintenance policy.

    You should always consider this – Pressure Washing is NOT always the answer to your cleaning requirements. There are other alternative methods which should be looked at. Pressure washing might be suitable for your building’s exterior cladding surfaces or not. To avoid damages, it is better to contact a company who knows which method is best for different types of surfaces. If you contact a pressure washing company for example, they will only offer pressure washing services and won’t know about other correct techniques to use on your building’s cladding cleaning project. Our cladding cleaner products are extremely effective when used for cleaning dirty cladding on modern buildings in the UK.

    North Shields Pressure Washing also deliver services to landlords of commercial properties ensuring that their interest in the building is protected whether it is tenanted or not. A clean, well maintained building on the inside and outside will have more chance of being let or sold than a dirty, dilapidated building which looks shabby.

    North Shields Pressure Washing Exterior Cleaning Team have worked on hundreds of commercial properties of varying sizes throughout the UK; each one having different types of manufactured cladding and we have tried and tested cleaning techniques which are proven to be extremely effective. The cladding cleaning services that we provide for cladding are fast, simple and produce the required results. The cleaning methods we use expertly remove debris, dirt, plant and moss growth; all of which can cause significant damage to the cladding if left untreated.

    We guarantee to provide a high quality service that you will be completely happy with. We carry out; in depth cleaning of all cladding surfaces and gently remove algae, moss, mould and all types of atmospheric contaminants.

    We use the correct type of access solution for your building whether it be access platforms, soft-washing poles, scaffolding or cradle systems.

    Call to arrange a FREE test sample pressure washing clean for your business today! 0191 743 0121

    Retail Park Pressure Washing Services or Jet Washing with hot and cold water machines ensure perfect results for you and your clients.

    When you need something pressure-washed, normally outside of your building, you may think a pressure washer is needed to carry out the task, and it might well be the best type of equipment to use but you should always consider other cleaning methods too. For example, a Doff Steam Cleaner may be required to provide a more gentle approach rather than jet blasting. It might even be better to clean by hand method, using good old fashioned elbow grease with the right type of restoration and cleaning products.

    North Shields Pressure Washing has invested a lot of time and money in understanding what methods and products suit all types of surfaces. Our unique three step process which combines the latest hydrophobic and nano technology creams and coatings are often found to be the most effective answer to your properties cleaning requirements. However, when thinking about pressure-washing something with a high water jet you have to take into consideration what you are hoping to achieve and most importantly, what can and does go wrong when using this method for cleaning.

    pressure washing graffiti removal

    Many of us do not fully understand how a pressure washer works, we just think water comes out of it at high pressure and it cleans. When pressure-washing a surface, water flow and not high pressure, is what’s really needed for an effective pressure washer to clean properly.

    Assuming you decide to buy a pressure washer and clean something yourself, the first thing you will do is buy the highest PSI or BAR rating that you can without even considering the water flow, which is more important.

    Why is water flow more important than pressure?

    In order for you to understand, imagine the following scenario:

    We have two vehicles travelling at 40 mph towards a brick wall. One is a small motorbike while the other is a 40 ton truck. When the motorbike hits the wall, the wall remains intact and the bike simply crumples. When the 40 ton truck hits the wall, the wall simply disappears. Therefore, when thinking about using a pressure washer, don’t be fooled by the pressure alone.

    We can look at the following different types of machines:

    • 200 Bar pressure and 6 litres per min water flow, electric motor – typically sold in garden centres cheaply and are simply a waste of time and money.
    • 200 Bar pressure and 15 litres per min water flow, petrol/diesel engine – typically used by professional pressure washing companies and will get the job done properly.

    Using less water will not clean properly, it’s that simple!

    You should know that, because the second machine is using more water, it can clean with far better results than the first machine, which uses only 6 litres of water per minute and will take almost forever to clean any surface. Not only that, the machine which uses the higher water flow cleans better and will remove most stubborn marks – back down to the original surface.

    Many types of surfaces can be cleaned by a good pressure washer, from car parks, block pavements, pre-formed concrete driveways and outside surfaces of some buildings.

    When cleaning the façade of a building, it is better to check if the surface can be safely cleaned by high-pressure washers. Many professional machines have the ability to reduce the psi or BAR pressure but will still produce enough water flow to safely clean the surface without causing damage by using too much pressure. It might be that the cold water pressure washer cannot clean the surface properly; we then need to use a hot pressure washer with temperatures reaching up to 150 degrees C. When using high temperatures, the water is turned into steam, which comes out of the pressure washing lance gently to clean and sanitise delicate surfaces carefully.


    When you keep your gutters clean and free flowing, you won’t have a problem. Add long term asset value by keeping your property clean. Regular gutter cleaning should be a priority for any building owner.

    Full and Overflowing gutters will cause you damp problems!!!

    The gutters often fall off the building when they become too full. Act now to prevent this from costing you money.

    Calling a gutter cleaning company will be easier than you think. We cannot count the number of calls we get to clean out full and overflowing gutters on rainy days for Gutter Cleaning Services.

    Would you like to stop this problem permanently?

    Simply call 0191 743 0121 to arrange an annual gutter cleaning service today! All you need is a gutter cleaning maintenance plan in place. Basically, arrange to have your commercial buildings gutters to be cleaned on an agreed scheduled date annually.

    Why wait for them to become full and cause internal building damp and mould problems? Full gutters often fall off of the building causing you £1000s pounds of damage, which you may not be insured for if the gutters have not been cleaned out regularly. Choose a gutter cleaning company who can offer you scheduled gutter cleaning maintenance plans.

    Gutters and downpipes when full, cannot do what they were designed to do properly which is to take away large volumes of water away from your building when it rains. The main problem however, is the water cascading over the sides for long periods of time. This water often causes extreme damage to the façade of the building, causing unsightly stains making the building look unkempt. The other problem is water will work its way inside the façade, which then causes the damp and mould growth inside the walls go undetected until it’s too late.

    What is really going on inside our gutters?

    Leaves fall in and eventually decompose, bird droppings containing seeds find their way in and begin to grow, chunks of broken roof tiles and cement fall in from the roof and help block up the downpipes. Leaks can occur when gutters become full and joints become stretched due to massive weight increases as the gutter becomes fuller and heavier.

    You can easily protect your building by having regular cleaning maintenance in place. An annual clean will ensure the gutters are always kept clean and water can run freely away from your building. Leaking Gutters can often be easily repaired and sealed after cleaning has taken place and is probably cheaper than you think to have this work done.

    Types of Gutter Cleaning

    • Gutter Vacuum Cleaning – safely from the ground 20 metres height reach (60ft).
    • Hand and Trowel Method – access by MEWP (Mobile Elevated Work Platform).
    • Ladder – Less common nowadays due mainly to H&S regulations and concerns.
    • Scaffold – Cost effective if scaffolding is already in place for other works being carried out.

    Gutter Vacuum Cleaning is normally the least expensive way to have your gutters cleaned out. However, it is worth using a company that can provide you with video evidence.

    North Shields Pressure Washing offer gutter cleaning services for multiple sites and have cleaned more than 10,000 gutters these past few years. Facility managers trust us to carry out their gutter cleaning requirements to their property portfolios, knowing the job will get done on time, every time.

    Many of us rent or lease our buildings on full repair and insuring terms over x number of years, and all too often when the lease is up, we find out that the building is in need of expensive repair due to it not being maintained properly.

    If only we had considered putting in place preventative measures at the outset, what would it be like?

    How can you prevent problems re-occurring after cleaning?

    The simple answer is you cannot, unless you have planned maintenance in place.

    Find yourself a reputable gutter cleaning and maintenance company that will provide you with an effective service with guaranteed techniques and strategies used to give you outstanding success in keeping your gutters clean and flowing freely.


    Stone facades make the most beautiful type of building in the world; why?

    Rich vibrant colours can be found when the stone has been cleaned free from atmospheric contaminants and organic matter growth.

    Stone cleaning requires experienced eyes to overlook it before any stone cleaning services commence. The type of stone used on your building will determine the type of cleaning which can be undertaken. Many different safe stone cleaning methods are available today; including vortex, ice, steam, pressure or Soft-Washing to name a few.

    When you decide to have your building’s stone façade cleaned, check that the company has accreditations in the use of different types of stone cleaning equipment. Should your building be listed, then you will find that English Heritage only approve Doff steam cleaners to be used.

    We have cleaned many different types of stone including but not limited to; Portland Stone, Bath Stone, Sand Stone, Granite, Marble and others. We often use gentle Doff steam cleaning machines to carefully clean buildings around London and most other parts of the United Kingdom.

    pressure washing gutters

    As standard, each one of our stone cleaning vans has a doff machine on board together with a Soft-Wash System.

    When you need our stone cleaning services, all you have to do is call 0191 743 0121.


    Don’t fall foul of the law when you have your stone building cleaned. Check what will happen to the waste water runoff; it won’t be allowed to enter storm drains. Instead, the waste water should be collected and disposed off down the sewerage drains. Using specialist vacuum recovery kits, North Shields Pressure Washing will ensure you don’t end up in any trouble whilst undertaking your stone cleaning project.

    Types of equipment commonly used for stone cleaning include:

    • Doff Steam Cleaning System
    • Pressure Washing
    • Poultice Cleaning
    • Dry Ice Blasting
    • Chemical Cleaning

    Each one has its place in different parts of the country and of course for different types of stone. North Shields Pressure Washing will always choose the gentle approach before considering harsh blasting which can cause severe damage to softer stone.

    Bath Stone Cleaning is often extremely difficult due to the location where it is found. Black leaching occurs and more often than not, a steam cleaner is required to carry out the work carefully to avoid damage the bath stone surface.

    Removal of organic matter from bath stone should not be carried out with high powered pressure washers as the stone will likely become damaged through small particles being blown off. It is better to use a safe method of bath stone cleaning to ensure a smooth and even clean.

    If you require a FREE quotation for your bath stone cleaning project please call us on 0191 743 0121 today.

    Our stone cleaners have vast experience in cleaning stone to modern and heritage buildings. Our team of stone cleaners have access to Doff stone cleaning machinery.

    The façade on your building can look as good as new regardless of whatever material it is made out of. Clean looking buildings will attract more of the right kind of visitors you want.

    Our experienced façade cleaning teams have the knowledge to clean any type of surface.


    • Facade Washing/Cleaning
    • Brickwork and stonework (masonry)
    • Curtain walling
    • Precast concrete panels with various types of finishes
    • Insulated render
    • Metallic cladding
    • Tiles and stone veneer panels
    • Man made tiles
    • Glass and steel façade systems
    • Wooden panels

    Beautiful Stone building facades need a lot of expert care and attention to detail when being cleaned by a cleaning company.

    For Exterior Stone Cleaning Services to all types of commercial buildings. Call here for an expert clean – 0191 743 0121

    We bet you really would like to have your dirty building cleaned, but it’s hard choosing the right facade cleaning company. After all, it’s a difficult task to arrange everything, from which type of access, what products are needed and what legislation is required from water and drainage authorities. Do you need to inform the Health & Safety Executive?

    You don’t need this type of pressure – you only want a clean building!

    We can arrange everything for you. No need to get involved wasting your precious time; you are better off earning real money for your business, which will pay for the exterior cleaning of your building’s facade.

    Call us today and arrange a time for us to come around and measure up. We will even offer you a FREE sample clean in most cases, so you can see for yourself the results you will achieve by having the experienced facade cleaning company.

    Long before you commit to accept our fully written quotation, you will be explained not only the prices, but also any legislation expenses that may need to be included. All listed separately to enable you to fully understand that, whilst exterior cleaning is being undertaken, all of your legal obligations are covered too.

    We make it easy for you by taking away all the stress involved. CALL US NOW!!!



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